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The Fearless guide to standing out online

Updated: May 17, 2023

Here are our Fearless tips to gain and maintain attention in a chaotic digital world:


1. Use humour (take the piss!)

Nothing stands out online more than a funny piece of content. If your brand can harness the

power of humour, you will radiate humanity, engage followers and create positive

connections. You can boost your online presence and promote your brand by attracting an

audience with shareable and relatable content. We don’t always need to strive for perfection

in the content we produce, as people connect less with robotic, polished and shallow material.

2. Do something good

People love brands that help others, promote a cause and aim to do good rather than just

make money. If your brand can do something good (with actual follow-through, not just an

empty promise), people are more likely to follow your brand’s story and support your cause.

3. Add value (give your audience something they can use!

Your audience are people, not just numbers in a lead magnet. Providing consistent and

selfless content will build positive relationships with your audience. In this age of social

media, it is more about giving and less about taking. By generously giving your audience

valuable content, they will turn to you when they need you. Ramming sales pitches down

your audience’s throat will only repel potential relationships.

4. Personal is powerful

People will remember characters and will connect with personalities. A faceless brand with a

lacklustre approach to storytelling will never resonate with a wide audience.

Imagine you’re at a work function: would you remember the person that maintains a

professional demeanour and regurgitates the same old scripted chat, or the person who –

rather than going down the performative route – projects undeniable sincerity?

5. Know your audience


Knowing your audience will help inform the language you use. Effectively communicating to

your target audience’s worries and aspirations helps to highlight how your brand is solving

their problems for them. By using language that reflects the needs of your audience, your

brand can sincerely and succinctly articulate the value you’re bringing to the market.

If you would like to know more about how you can stand out online, contact us, or take Your

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