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Invictus Partners approached us to revitalise their brand and gain a stronger market presence. The value innovation component of our brand strategy process creates a sustainable point of difference that sets them apart from their competitors. This led to the development of a new brand story that reflects their unique value proposition and expertise in enterprise software agreements. We then translated this story into a fresh website and a score app that allows clients to assess their software usage and contractual entitlements. To reinforce Invictus Partners' credibility, we re-designed their whitepapers and case studies and created brand collateral, including zoom backgrounds consistent with the new design guidelines. We developed EDMs to communicate with their target audience and promote their services. Our team helped Invictus Partners establish a strong brand identity and position itself as the trusted enterprise software optimisation and compliance partner.

Our collaboration with Dr Jane Foster resulted in a complete rebrand, showcasing the power of emotional resilience. We worked closely with Jane to develop a compelling brand story highlighting the intersection of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. The new logo we designed incorporates these key elements. We created business cards and letterheads consistent with the new brand identity and revamped the website and social media presence to better reflect Jane's expertise and message. We also helped produce a book that captures Jane's insights and strategies for building emotional resilience and developed posters that promote her brand language. We also filmed interviews with Jane to create engaging video content. Together, we identified and articulated the value Jane brings to the marketplace, positioning her as a leader in the field of emotional resilience.

Fearless helps Executive Interview Coaching develop a strong brand strategy that sets them apart in the market. By evaluating their offerings, we defined a new industry paradigm that focuses on delivering the client’s dream outcome to articulate a sustainable point of difference. Our team refreshed their website with engaging visuals and developed a brand story highlighting their unique insights and services. We created score apps and provide regular content, including podcast clips and filmed interviews, to build engagement and brand awareness. We developed a brochure and an 'About Us' clip and are optimising their SEO for better online visibility. We created EDMs to communicate with their target audience and drive traffic to their website. By building a strong community of leaders making a positive impact, Executive Interview Coaching is well-positioned to continue innovating and growing in their industry.


Fearless has helped OsteoStrong® achieve value innovation by evaluating their offering and assessing the market to define a new industry category paradigm. We enhanced their brand through a compelling Brand Story reinforcing their DNA and positioning them as a market leader. By creating buyer value that has never been offered before, OsteoStrong® is driving the brand into new uncontested market spaces, defying competition-based strategy. Our research into the industry's pain points and people's perceptions of their brand will inform their future brand strategy, ensuring continued innovation and growth.

Accolade Wines

Accolade Wines is one of the world's leading wine suppliers with employees and industry partners across Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, the UK, and North and South America.

We were engaged to conduct two separate insights research programs investigating industry customer attitudes to the current state of the wine industry and the possibilities of product innovation. The first of these programs was conducted in Australia, whilst the second was conducted through Zoom calls with industry partners throughout Europe and the UK. The results of these projects was unparalleled insights into the industry that would inform Accolade Wines' future strategies.


Local: is built on the belief system that doing good should be synonymous with living well. Driven by this philosophy, they endeavour to provide more attainable pathways to purposeful rental lifestyles. We went through a brand strategy process with them; covering essence, positioning and value innovation - as well as a communication strategy and brand language guide. We also visualised their brand, developed their logo and created their style guide. 

Construction Collaborative

Construction Collaborative optimises relationships between clients, consultants, and subcontractors in the name of creating better project outcomes. We worked with them on their brand strategy process; essence, positioning and value innovation - as well as implementing a communication strategy, brand language guide, and brand visualisation to develop their logo and style guide. 

Bloomfield Hotels

Bloomfield Hotel is an upcoming hospitality experience in Melbourne looking to shake up a stagnating industry. Wanting to create ever-evolving extraordinary experiences for their guests, Bloomfield Hotel approached us to help them get to the core of their brand and use their positioning to create a market space that only they will dominate. Our scope of work included brand strategy and brand collateral.

Australian Bio Fert

Australian Bio Fert is a fertiliser company bringing alternative and organic fertiliser options to mainstream farms. Understanding that they were up against a very conservative market, the brand approached us to carry out insights research on farmers and agronomists to discover their attitude towards alternative fertiliser options. These insights were then gathered and published in a report that will guide their brand's development moving forward.

Incitec Pivot

Incitec Pivot Limited aims to make people's lives better by unlocking the world's natural resources through innovation on the ground. We worked with them on their brand strategy and researched how to further develop their focus on Zero Harm.As one of the major players in the traditional/chemical fertiliser marketplace, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers teamed up with Australian Bio Fert to research and develop new product offerings that hope to pave the way for more eco-friendly mainstream farming practices. We created a research report to demonstrate the appetite for a blended fertiliser product by highlighting environmental, societal, and economic issues faced by today's farmers.


Fitzroys is an established commercial and retail property agency based in Melbourne. We were approached by Fitzroys to help them create a refreshed brand identity that illustrates their core values and focuses on their unique offering in a highly competitive commercial real estate industry. Our scope of work included insights research, brand strategy and brand collateral. 

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