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We help you articulate your brand's purpose to better align and engage with customers, employees, and shareholders.

Find your Fearless moment.

Are you stuck
in a sea of

Do you look and feel the same as everyone in your category?

To most consumers and businesses, we are all different in the same way.

Our research and brand strategy programs provide valuable insight into your industry to help you move into an uncontested market space.

Ask us for some fearless advice.

How well do you know your customers? Do you market like you give a damn?

Take our free quick-fire Brand Assessment Quiz and receive a tailored report in under 2 minutes!

Is your brand actually doing good? Or is your brand purpose a load of BS?

Are you brave enough to take this quiz?

Our Philosophy

Great brands stand for one thing over long periods of time. They are consistent and enduring.

Our philosophy is to instil fearlessness in our clients. We inspire them to better articulate their purpose and create an intention to do good.


How your brand makes people feel, is as important as what
you do.

Now might be the ideal time to supercharge a new strategy, making your brand even more magnetic and purpose-driven. We can help you to:

  • Understand your customer's pain points in two weeks

  • Articulate your brand's purpose in three hours

  • Uncover your customer's dream outcome and value innovation in three hours

  • Discover more with our brand strategy workshops, research and insights

       Talk to our team today!


Peter and his team helped us at Ignite Group develop and articulate the brand essence and brand positioning for a new sister marketing agency we are launching next year. I found Peter to be a master workshop facilitator - thank you!

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